Easter Holidays

It’s the Easter holidays, and I’m taking a rest for a couple of weeks, to be with family and enjoy time off with them. No dramatic trips planned to far-flung destinations, but perhaps a few days “here and there” as hubby likes to say.

For whatever reason, I seem to have had a cold or a sniffle for several months, which I can only attribute to being chronically tired. So I shall take my chance to rest fully, and only visit my blog and social media occasionally.

I used to resist holiday times, thinking, “Darn it, now I’ll have to work twice as hard,” but that is to miss major opportunities to have fun and relax. I have been that woman who has been given a gift, only to look past it and think, “If only I could have that one over there, instead. The one I can’t reach, the one I’m always running to catch up to…”

No more. From now on, I thank goodness for all the gifts that comes my way, noticing how much easier it is to decide, and then allow life to provide.

I was on a train journey, and thought, “I would really love a drink”. Immediately, along came the drinks trolley from which I was served a large cup of hot water. Then, when I had finished it, I thought, “I would really like a dustbin for my empty cup,” and along came another server with a large bag for collecting rubbish. Arriving back at the train station after a long day, I was thought, “I would really love a lift home,” and a friend was there, waiting to collect another friend, and she offered me a lift home!

I really enjoy watching how this process plays out. It seems to work best when I make my request, and then let it go out and come back to me.

This Easter I would like us all to have a peaceful time filled with blessings, joy and laughter.

Thanks for reading and for all your generous support.

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