Author and Speaker on Disability, Social Inclusion and Personal Empowerment

Fran Macilvey is an author, speaker and publisher based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her particular interests include disability and social inclusion, personal empowerment and effective writing and communication.

Fran Macilvey, Author and Speaker on Disability, Social Inclusion and Personal Empowerment

Fran’s first book, her memoir, Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016) is a gold medal winner and an Amazon international bestseller available in paperback, hardcover, e-book and audiobook narrated by the author.

Fran’s second book Happiness Matters and her third, Making Miracles both published under her own imprint, Heartwell Publishing, take up the lessons of Trapped and explore how, in even the most challenging circumstances, we can find happiness and success; what Fran calls, ‘gleaning something positive from forty years of making mistakes.’

Inspired by her time working as a solicitor in Scotland, Fran is now writing a trio of novels about women and their encounters with the law, the first two of which, Lisa Somerville: Lessons in Love and The Seduction of Susan Scott are submission ready. The third, Pip, has a target completion date of June 2021.


Fran was born in the Congo in 1965. In 1972 she returned to Scotland where she faced painful orthopedic operations and spent eight years in boarding school. She qualified as a Scots lawyer and worked for ten years as a solicitor before turning to her first love, writing. She wrote Trapped so that others can understand how challenging it is to maintain the appearances of a ‘normal’ life with a disabling condition.

Happiness Matters then grew out of Fran’s desire to find happiness after many years of dealing with anger, grief and depression; and Making Miracles is based around insights gathered over twenty years of writing a dream journal.

Fran has a loyal and committed readership worldwide. On behalf of Capability Scotland, she appeared on BBC Radio Scotland and has been interviewed for by Michael McEwan. She co-facilitated a workshop at the first National SNP Conference for Disabled Members in Glasgow and gave a workshop on memoir writing at the SAW annual conference in 2017. She speaks, blogs and offers workshops on a wide range of subjects: memoir, the creative process, effective communication, personal empowerment, why happiness matters, and the varying impacts of disability.

For a selected list of her articles and appearances, click this link.

You can contact Fran using the ‘contact’ form on this website, through the ‘Live Literature’  scheme of the Scottish Book Trust or by emailing

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I am so grateful to all my friends, supporters and readers, from whom I continue to learn and be inspired, especially my publishers, Skyhorse, my agent Isabel Atherton, my editor Claire Wingfield and all my on-line friends.

My family – bless them all! – give me the space, time and resources I need to progress my ambitions, for which I am eternally grateful.

Future plans include completing my third novel and starting a fourth – and perhaps a fifth? – as well as much more writing.

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