I got my mojo back

I got my mojo back after reading another page of A Course in Miracles.

Which reminds me – again – that the mind never sleeps and that there is no such thing as an idle thought. Since the mind is always working, and since it cannot stop working, it might be a good idea to use mind energy more productively, to help myself. Now, there’s a novel idea.

For sure, we can and often do use our thoughts, our brain-power, destructively. But it turns out to be surprisingly easy, and diverting, to use it for lighter purposes – to be relaxed, happy, to have fun and be immersed – however briefly – in the joy of something new and pleasing.

It turns out there is always something more enjoyable I can turn my sights to: a colourful sky, a nice piece of fruit, a fluffy guinea-pig squeaking for attention, a piece of music that makes me fizz with excitement… And, perhaps when I can’t raise a smile, I should maybe just accept that I’m exhausted and would love to sleep for a while. How many times have we berated ourselves and felt bad because we are simply tired? I wonder about that.

I discover it is remarkably easy to be happy. But I’ve got used, as I suspect many of us have, to supposing that I ‘have’ to get upset when I read awful things in the news. In fact, it is possible to sympathise deeply and genuinely without joining in the suffering by feeling bad. A liberating discovery.

Thanks so much for listening.

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