Carol Graham interviews Fran Macilvey

Carol Graham

This evening, I received word that my guest radio appearance on Carol Graham’s Radio Show, ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’ has gone live.  I am so excited to share it with you here.  You can also find it on Apple i-tunes and catch it as a Stitcher podcast.  Carol is a seasoned radio talk show host, who, having overcome her own hurdles and adversities (which she writes about in her book ‘Battered Hope’) now hosts her own radio show in which she showcases stories and life experiences of people who have overcome challenges, to find new meaning and purpose in their lives.

I am so honoured to feature, and to be part of Carol’s success story.  Carol’s questions are engaging and perceptive, and she knows how to make interviews relaxing and such great fun.  It is also because of Carol’s interest in my story that I have finally discovered Skype, acquired a headset and am developing the delightful habit of listening to fab music as I work, which is both enjoyable and energising.

Carol is a great friend to me, and I hope you will all share, enjoy, review and rate these downloads, and invite your friends to do likewise.

Thanks for reading.

Fran Macilvey

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