On a still bright morning

On a still bright morning after a weekend of sunlight and warmth, roused early as my better half leaves for his first day back at work after the Easter holiday, I put on a load of laundry and spend time dawdling outdoors on the front step, in the full glare of welcome sunlight. As I watch people slamming into cars and driving away, or arriving home with armfuls of shopping, I reflect, how little time any of us spends outside these days.

Certainly, we travel, but usually that is to or from the shops or work, in a car or a bus. Rarely do any of us actually spend time outdoors. And I do wonder what that means for us. We have, after all, evolved to live outside, and I know that when I catch sunlight, my mood and my energy improve. As I carry recycling outside to the collection point, I linger and marvel at my good fortune on a day like today…

While negotiating our high front step and smiling into the low sun, I twist my knee rather painfully, which takes me by surprise. Then, noticing what I’m doing wrong and making the effort for small changes – so that I sit down carefully with my feet and legs set out straight in front of me instead of twisted to the side – is important because when we have to manage a disability, we are already working at the outside limits of what most bodies can tolerate.

I’m lucky that I have the time to notice what I’m doing wrong, and how I can improve things so that my right knee, which still carries more than its fair share of my weight, will have a chance to recover. Our bodies, like our minds, recover more quickly when allowed to keep moving, so that is what I hope to do, and still aim for.

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