Speakers Corner

I am Fran Macilvey, a Scottish author and speaker.  I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband and daughter.

My first book, Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy (Skyhorse, 2014/2016) is a gold medal winner and Amazon International bestseller (ISBN: 9781510704121).

Being born into a body that offers challenges and peculiarly unique perspectives, I have had to learn to cherish the gifts that life brings me, and turn all my life’s ‘mistakes’ to good account. I’ve learned that depression and loss are not the inevitable companions of a challenging life. I’ve been an optimist, a pessimist, an atheist, a people-pleaser and a wall flower. Now, I just enjoy being me.

Here you can find details of my some of my appearances and upcoming speaking dates.

I am delighted to offer talks, book signings and workshops to suit your particular interests and the aims of your organisation. Particular interests include

  • Common misunderstandings around disability
  • Dealing with inequality and discrimination
  • How to find happiness and a sense of purpose in challenging times
  • The personal value of writing memoir
  • Effective communication

I have been interviewed by Michael McEwan, journalist extraordinaire as part of his regular Thursday evening slot on Able radio; and I featured as a guest on the ‘Disability Now’ podcast to talk about the experiences that led me to write ‘Trapped’ and join the hugely entertaining round-table discussion.

I have guested on Carol Graham’s radio show ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’ and you can hear our radio interview on Carol Graham’s blog, on Apple i-tunes and as a stitcher podcast.  I so much enjoyed sharing experiences with Carol and I hope you enjoy listening and will encourage all your friends to share, comment and review.

Together with Michael McEwan, I facilitated a workshop at the first ever SNP party conference for members with disabilities, in Glasgow in January 2016.  I am immensely grateful to Jamie Szymkowiak for this opportunity.

My second book, Happiness Matters (ISBN: 9781999713607) was launched at the Edinburgh Offices of the Thistle Foundation in June 2017; and my third book Making Miracles (ISBN: 9781999713621) was published in June 2018.

For a complete list of my articles and appearances please contact me using the ‘contact’ form on this website, through the ‘Live Literature’  scheme of the Scottish Book Trust or by emailing franmacilvey@fastmail.com.

Thanks for reading.


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