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Fran Macilvey’s memoir Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy (ISBN: 9781510704121) (Skyhorse Publishing, New York) (2016) is available in paperback, hardcover, e-book and audiobook narrated by the author.

Trapped is a gold medal winner and an Amazon International Bestseller.

Fran Macilvey's Books - Trapped - book coverTrapped is Fran’s true story, in which she candidly reveals how hard it has been to achieve a ‘normal’ life despite the physical, emotional and social effects of permanent disability. All her life, Fran has battled huge odds to prove that she could succeed: as a child, a student, a working adult, a wife and a mother, she has fought to find a dignity in life that many people take for granted.

With the help of her family and friends, Fran has finally proved that it is possible to find peace, certainty and joy in life. She has always used her writing to help her explore life’s higher purposes. With Trapped Fran shares messages of hope and peace through forgiveness and love.

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If you prefer to obtain Trapped from an independent retailer, the book is currently published in the United States, and is available to order in the UK and elsewhere from any reputable book seller, through the usual retail outlets, or through Ingram Publisher Services UK 

In the United Kingdom, wholesale orders can be placed with Ingram Publisher Services UK, Regus St Paul’s, Room 201c St Martin’s House, 16 St Martin’s Le Grand, London, EC1A 4EN.

Trapped is published in German by publishers Bastei Lubbe and is available as an e-book through all the usual on-line channels.

Trapped has been listed as a top-fifty resource in SPED in the USA.

Fran’s second book Happiness Matters (ISBN: 9781999713607) explores how we can all find more happiness in challenging times; what Fran calls, ‘gleaning something valuable from forty years of making mistakes’. Happiness Matters was launched at the Edinburgh Offices of the Thistle Foundation, Edinburgh, in June 2017.

Fran’s third book, Making Miracles (ISBN: 9781999713621) published in June 2018, completes the series.

Fran is sincerely grateful to everyone who reads, purchases, reviews, comments and shares Trapped, Happiness Matters, and Making Miracles. If you wish to leave a review, please do so. Every review is very much appreciated and helps to expand the reach of Fran’s work and increase its visibility.

Fran is currently writing a trio of novels inspired by her time working as a solicitor in Scotland. Her three novels, Speak to me of Heartbreak, Susan Scott and Pip are nearing completion.

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