About Fran Macilvey

Fran Macilvey is an author and motivational speaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Fran Macilvey

Fran’s memoir Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy (Skyhorse) for which she has narrated the audiobook, is a HarperCollins gold medal winner and an Amazon international bestseller, described by John Pring, Editor, Disability News Service, as ‘a tough, bleak book, beautifully written and unremittingly honest… an important addition to the field of disability studies.’

Fran’s second book Happiness Matters and third Making Miracles explore how we can all find more happiness in challenging times.

Fran has a committed readership worldwide. She writes a blog, speaks on a range of subjects based around her experiences and gives workshops and readings. Particular areas of expertise include: disability and inclusion, personal empowerment, authorship, creative processes and effective communication.

Fran has appeared on BBC Radio Scotland and been interviewed by Michael McEwan for ‘Ableradio’. She has given a memoir workshop at SAW’s annual conference and her articles and letters are published in specialist publications and the national press, most notably lead letter in The Herald. For a select listing of her articles and appearances, click this link.

Fran enjoys engaging with small groups and larger audiences of any complexion. She offers motivational talks and workshops around the themes of her books which are intended to inspire a more direct appreciation of the value of happiness in everyday life.

Particular areas of expertise include:-

  • How to find happiness in daily living
  • Common misunderstandings around impairment
  • Dealing with inequality and coping with discrimination
  • Employment and career challenges
  • A female perspective on living with impairment
  • Personal empowerment and effective communication
  • Writing and authorship, especially the particular challenges of writing memoir.

Fran has written a trio of novels: Speak to me of Heartbreak, Susan Scott and Pip or Peter. All are submission ready. The characters and their stories are inspired by Fran’s time working as a solicitor in Scotland.

You can contact Fran using the ‘contact’ form of this website, through the ‘Live Literature’  scheme of the Scottish Book Trust or by emailing franmacilvey@fastmail.com.