The Year in Passing

The year in passing has taught me a great deal: about the value of patience, humour and empathy, and about the need to be clear about our choices, and unafraid to make them. I wonder how many times I’ve accepted a situation because others have suggested it, or organised it around me, and I’ve just nodded, as is my wont, and allowed it to happen.

I’m a great believer in fate, since I realise that there are some things that, no matter how much we might want them, we cannot have; but I hope that does not mean I am fatalistic, and allow life to drift without purposes of my own. Knowing how much power there is in the choices we make – big and small choices count equally – I’ve become more decisive, which brings an air of freedom and clarity to the things I do. And increasingly, I find that when I make choices – no matter how unlikely – the Universe goes into gear to deliver them to me. How delightful that is!

This year, I have managed, despite my fairly constant domestic duties, to edit into completion three novels – and here I give thanks to my beta readers for their enthusiasm and very insightful suggestions. The first two novels are now submission ready, so in the New Year I shall be submitting again, and more hopeful than I have ever been, of positive outcomes.

With winter, Covid and Christmas in mind, I’ve been tidying our living space, hopeful of refreshing it next year, while buying more ‘pre-loved’ Christmas presents than before. The environment does not need me to throw any more plastic at it, so, with that in mind, meaningful minimalism seems to be this year’s motto: less is more. I only hope that our combined efforts will make a difference to the environment, and mark a shift in our thinking about ‘black-Friday’ spending and consumerism in general. It seems a pity that we so often let that search for “the perfect present” get in the way of enjoyment and our pleasure in company.

I wish you all a very happy Festive Season, with blessings and hope for the New Year 2022. May all our dearest wishes come true.

Thanks for reading.

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