I’ve written the book, so I thought that writing the radio play of the book would be straightforward. In a typical response that would make Eddie laugh, I discover that it is, and it isn’t. It is about events and scenarios that have been thoroughly rehearsed; and it isn’t like anything I’ve done before.

Adolf Holzel - Der Liebesbrief
Adolf Holzel – Der Liebesbrief

My attempts at research suggest that conventions around How to Write a Radio Play of a Book are flexible, and as variable as the people who write them. Though clear presentation is obviously important, to help those who will be called upon to breathe life into words at the mike, it is the less obvious aspects of dramatic reconstruction that are more difficult, especially as I rarely venture into writing plays: editing three scenes into one to add impact; being flexible with timelines so that the story unfolds interestingly; adding dialogue that you remember, which is necessary for continuity in an aural medium but which you would not need to include in a book, where pictures are built differently; and pace, which dictates that although dialogue is obviously key, it should be illuminating and to the point….

It is tiring, this venture, but I seem to be collecting my own set of conventions, all of which help to make the process smoother and more enjoyable. I am remembering, reflecting and learning all the time, and in the process I hope my writing improves. Only time will tell.

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