I thought I had enough to do, what with holidays round the corner, and books to edit and finish, and talks to write and writes to talk….but apparently, I am also writing a radio play of Trapped.

A very different experience this is turning out to be. I am a very visual person, so having to write lots of dialogue and background information in a way that can be conveyed with a voice is rather like writing with the eyes shut. Not uncomfortable, but an interesting and very revealing challenge.

What to include and what to leave out will also depend not only on what is within my knowledge to recount, but also what will work, on radio. For obvious reasons, I am using the book as a template for the draft. I can add lots of interesting dialogue which had no place in the book, but I have a feeling the radio play will turn out very differently.

My friend Lucinda E Clarke is an expert with dialogue and has sent me part of a radio play she has written which she says is unfinished. Thanks for your help, Lucinda. I think you could finish that play…

Brox Sisters, Radio Teddy Bear
Brox Sisters, Radio Teddy Bear


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