Writing is a funny business.

I’ve just come back from the most wonderful holiday time, spent with my family. We went up North to be with my sister and her husband and son, and while we were there, our brother and his three kids came too. We have a rather extended family, and we are now living in different places, different continents, even, so to meet up is a rare and truly wonderful treat.

The three kids are like their dad: thoughtful, clever and so quick. They made me smile and laugh with their antics and their way of seeing the world. I like kids because they show me thing I have generally forgotten about. In the business of writing, playfulness is often overlooked, yet it sheds light on what truly matters: joy, peace and sharing love. I truly love my brother too, and am grateful to be reminded just how much his joy means to me. In some ways he has had a tough life, and I was so pleased to see him smiling and happy.


While I’ve been away Susan Finlay has kindly published my short article, ‘Writing is a Funny Business’ on her blog.  I hope you will have a read of it, and some of the other articles in the series. Thank you, Susan, for your thoughtful support, over many years. It means a lot to me.


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