The Easter Holidays

Easter is upon us, and so I shall be taking a short break over the Easter holidays.

I shall be glad to have a good reason to rest, and to take time to be with family, to reconnect with the notion of family and joint enterprises… This working alone and from home is a bit too solo, sometimes, for my liking.

As I may have said previously, my mother has bought a property near us, so we shall be checking it out, and buying a few bits of home stuff so that Mum can move in soon, when she would like to. Husband and daughter prove immensely supportive in this new and rather unexpected undertaking, and I am immensely reassured to have their input and good ideas. It might even turn out to be fun, now, to have a family project in which we can all share: the jobs, the keeping tidy, the other place to go…

I don’t have much of a passion for property, but my mother is from a different generation, whose parents lived through the great depression and saw their hard-earned savings vanish overnight, so it makes sense, from my mother’s point of view, to have a place to stay, and some security in bricks and mortar.

And it gives me something else to learn from, to become better at and to understand. So I’m grateful for this chance.

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