Mercury in retrograde

                 Cartwheel Galaxy Makes Waves


Apparently, because Mercury is in retrograde at the moment – I sort of know what that means, but, in any case, since April is Angel month and my angels do a fantastic job of looking after me, I don’t worry too much about all this – I should be careful, back up my computer files, generally be a bit cautious and double check anything important, be canny and softly spoken, etc etc.

Too bad that, inevitably, life must go on in the meantime….

On Friday last week, just in time for the weekend to begin, as I was doing something I wish I hadn’t bothered to do, my computer crashed. Just like that, out of the blue and for no reason that I could see. I hadn’t pressed any buttons, closed down any applications the wrong way, or downloaded any stealth viruses, as far as I could tell… But knowing about this retrograde thing felt suddenly quite reassuring, as though the collapse of my PC might actually have been expected, and an extra reason – if one were needed – not to do too much, too fast.

I’m having to learn to delegate, AKA trust other people to do their jobs. If I have any lesson to learn this month, it is about the delights of delegation, since, if I am to have time to write, and to rest and laugh and eat and sleep without nightmares, I simply have to ask, and let go. There is  no other way to manage the plethora of expectations that otherwise crowd around me.

A useful lesson in this retrograde, full-moon season of Easter, is that, once I have done my best, I have no choice but to trust and let go of all expectation, except, naturally, the best one – the most peaceful one – I can muster.

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