Reading while writing


Few pastimes give me greater pleasure, these days, than leaving wonderful reviews for books that I have discovered that are – wonderful. Well written, funny, intriguing, satisfying, well plotted, thoughtful… we have a hundred adjectives to describe why we like books. I have a few reads and reviews to catch up on.

So I guess I do read while writing, but not always, and definitely not at the same time – even with my super-light e reader, I don’t have enough fingers. Perhaps it also depends somewhat on what genre I’m writing in.

Narrative non-fiction is challenging on so many levels – make it read like fiction, but true, up to a point of view, and don’t tread on anyone’s toes – that I recall long periods of not reading while I was writing Trapped. I was too caught up in my parallel world to continuously make the transition to other parallel worlds, so I kept those others at bay for a while. There was also a lot of emotional stuff to process, so it would have been hard to read anything except books that could matter in the same way – and I didn’t need any more of that.

But while writing Happiness Matters


I certainly did read other books, for the change of scene, for light relief and for a pool of ideas to help me refine the text of what I was writing. In any case, my writing rate is relatively slow: I might write two books over the course of three years, and not in strictly chronological order, either, so reading has been vital to keep my impetus going, and to give me space to reflect and escapist time off.

Writing fiction is another whole pond to swim about it, and, on the whole, I enjoy reading books – at bed-time, first thing in the morning – that help me to compare my work. I used to find this very hard to do. Comparisons were never far away, and my insecurities would run riot; but these days, I simply rejoice to find a new author, or a new book that I can enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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