Editing my next book, Making Miracles’

I have made time lately – finally! – to get on with editing my next indie book, ‘Making Miracles’, which I hope to publish in May this year.  Given my legendary ability to procrastinate, having a deadline of sorts helps me to focus with the job in hand. Deadlines help me both to work better, and to relax, knowing that I can plan and aim for a certain date.

‘Making Miracles’ is based on a dream diary that I have been keeping since… let me see…since about 2002. That would be about the time I stopped my work as a solicitor and found myself plunged, unexpectedly and joyfully, into new adventures called, ‘parenthood’ and ‘adulthood’ and ‘growing up’.  The practical needs around being a stay at home mother meant my writing didn’t start seriously until Seline began school, but I did keep up with my dream diary, a process which has taught me so much, and which, if I’m honest, is proving rather daunting to review and edit so that it may be published.

Yes, I would like some of this to reach a wider audience, because I have found it so very instructive and interesting. But it is also personal, and challenges me in a ways I never really expected to be, so that the editing is not the light-hearted breeze I had been anticipating.

I’m wary of causing offence with my talk of God, angels, guides and past lives. But in that concern, I find it very important not to agonise over whether I’m doing the right thing, whether I should mention this or that, and whether any of it matters. By far my most important discipline right now is to go ahead, keep going, and leave some of that high-flown worrying until later. At least that attitude helps me to keep moving.

Thanks for reading.


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