Plans for 2019

My plans for 2019 are still in flux. A lot depends on the health of my mother, which continues to be a cause for concern. Vagueness morphs into neediness which might, at any time, slip into a gentle crisis, though I suppose if I am not there to help, so be it. One thing I have learned is that it is not possible to be in two places at the same time.

I am travelling to the London Book Fair in March this year, with my novels and my radio play. What will be the outcome of my visit, I cannot tell, but I do know that nothing was ever progressed by sitting behind one’s desk for all eternity: if I don’t go, I won’t know. If I have good news, I’ll let you know, and if not, at least it will procure me some food for thought and the occasional blog post. To prepare for that, I would like to finish Book 3, or at least, have a notion about plot developments so that if anyone does express an interest, I will have some idea of to what to say.

Preparation is key, so in 2019 I shall be doing my best to clear backlogs, keep up to date and work efficiently, with minimal interruptions and expectations that bolster my ambitions, instead of sidelining annihilating them.

We’ve all been guilty of expecting too much from ourselves, so this year, I also intend to go more gently and have more fun. I do so enjoy being happy; and if that is not the point of life, I’m not sure what else could be. So that is my aim in 2019. To have fun, to appreciate all my opportunities and make the most of them in the right spirit.

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