No more finger food

One of my earlier posts, ‘Forty Years of Finger Food’  lays bare my battle to stop biting my fingernails. And until recently – very recently – it was a battle I despaired of ever winning. As the years pass, it takes longer for hands to heal, and for cuts, bruising and split nails to recover.

Alfred Stevens – The Letter

But – thanks to reading this book, I actually feel as if I am approaching the end of this particular battle.

It’s time to let go of stuff that gets in the way. It is silly to make my life any more difficult or painful than it already is. In fact, I really want to get beyond any ideas of difficult or painful, into much more enjoyable pursuits. Having any habit that ties us down to certain worries or preoccupations is really a huge waste of energy and time; which, at my time of life I really don’t want to waste on pointless worrying. How much better to just let go and allow nature to do what it does best, to heal and allow all to be left alone.

Why would Jackie’s experiences help me with that? Well, she was an ‘ordinary’ woman who, one day, stopped biting her nails simply because she decided to. She did a whole lot else besides. She, in that way, was just like me. And just like her, I can stop, so I have. Finally. No hypnotism or special potions required.

Thanks for reading, and for all your comments.

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