Stuck in the house

The last few days have been strangely peculiar – myself, husband and daughter all stuck in the house because of the weather, kept away from our usual pursuits – in which eventuality I have come off best, since I work from home and have become – alarmingly? – domesticated in the last few years. We have been cheek by jowl, prowling, almost, at the constraints imposed on us by gales, ice and endless snow. When the snow finally stopped, on Thursday evening after forty-eight hours, the silence was almost eerie.

And yet, it is the kind of scenario I am quite comfortable with. We, after all, have enough food, warmth and each other’s company, so what’s not to love? Perhaps the feeling of being trapped, again, is a bit edgy; or perhaps, I can be reassured, since we are all, in the same sense, trapped by the weather.

My health begins to suffer from being so sedentary, my kidneys complaining loudly, and my head needing somewhere to take surplus energy. There have been arguments. But also, rare opportunities to be together and to talk in more depth and come to renewed understandings about all kinds of things. It is important, I know, to keep talking and listening, to keep taking change on board and being accepting.

I hope you have all been all right, while the wind and snow have been blowing and drifting, keeping the cars off the road and ourselves away from our usual routines.

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