Ideas will come


I have learned that the most important part of any endeavour – any plan, idea, thought or wish – is to admit the idea and make a start with it.  Because – and here is why – when we make any start with anything, our commitment brings up new ideas that – Wow! – we would never had thought of, if we hadn’t made that start, decided to allow any sort of beginning its space to blossom.

To give an example, I’m writing a series at the moment on the Joys of Writing, which, I’m surprised to notice, I have not directly mentioned before as a topic well worth considering, except in passing where I occasionally use words like: love, joy and pleasure, fulfilment, fun….

When I started thinking about the Joys of Writing, I was simply taking the flip side of all the things I had been writing about before – all the pitfalls and caveats that writers like to worry about – and saying, ‘So, what can I do with that, then?’  It seemed like a good thing to contemplate, even as I notice – and how is this even remotely possible?? – that the real Joys of Writing are a subject that appears rather to have passed me by, until now.

And, lo and behold, having started to write about the Joys of Writing, I find that lots of ideas for blogging on this topic start popping into my head, ideas such as wish fulfilment, realism in fiction, feeling alive, playing God….There are lots of ideas waiting to be explored.

So through this exercise I have learned, again, that the most important part of doing anything is to make a start, show willing and commit even a tiny corner of my mind to whatever I am contemplating.  Because only that decision will unleash all these ideas – which are limitless, really – all just waiting to be discovered.

Thanks for reading.

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