Five go for afternoon tea.

Yesterday afternoon, an unseasonably warm Sunday, five authors from all over the UK met to start 2017 in fine style.

Claire Wingfield, the author and editor who has been instrumental in helping me organise my books and for keeping me motivated over many years, (read our interview on her blog here) thoughtfully suggested our get-together and arranged a table for us at the Signet Library restaurant in Edinburgh.  (Think mirrored tables, fine tableware and thousands of real books lining the walls).  Julie D’Amour

Kristin Pedroja  and Icy Sedgwick

Claire, and I met up for lots of very fine nibbles and lashings of hot beverages, and spent a wonderful few hours discussing our writing, our motivations – what works for us and what doesn’t – and our ambitions for the coming year.

I am very encouraged by the progress I have made with my writing in the last year and I have managed to make a fairly respectable showing.  But I haven’t written as much as I would like to.

All that is set to change in 2017 when I hope to have much more time to spend crafting stories for the sheer joy of it.  The sense of freedom to create new worlds is always what motivates me most to write, and is, in its own way, a rather addictive escapism which I heartily endorse!

Thanks so much to Claire and to Kristin, Julie and Icy for such a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks for reading.

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