I love my characters more

Since I have decided I prefer having a regular working routine and respecting it more often, I have found that I love my characters more and respect them more carefully. Somehow, they are also happier being with me, and more expansive, which helps greatly when it comes to writing what they want to tell me: their motivations and ideas have become clearer and more determined, since I no longer cram them into the rest of my life like a guilty secret.

I once got a reply from an agent – I was grateful: he sent me back my letter of enquiry with some comments, and any feedback is valuable – saying that I had too many points of view. I beg to differ, since I don’t have a universal narrator who tells the story over the heads of the characters like some benign grandpa.

I prefer to allow all the characters to speak for themselves. Rather like a room full of people having a good old discussion, my characters all want to have their say, and I cannot simply separate them out into ‘one at a time, please!’ as if I were a school mistress and they were unruly pupils. That is not how I really write best.

My writing attempts to mirror life at some level of reality, which includes catering for several points of view, since that is how people in a group usually expect to be heard: Life is not a debating society with rigid rules of engagement, and I do hope that if my writing is clear enough, there is no need to worry that my readers will be confused.

Thanks for reading.

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