Listening while I write


Some days – not as often as I thought – I find I need total silence to write. Other times, listening while I write, a tune or dissonance simply catches my mood and lifts it amazingly so that I can write, and focus easily, see the gaps and the errors I need to address in whatever I’m working on.

Such a relief.

While I love silence, I also relish the feeling that I can connect through the varied emotional streams offered in music, classical and pop, county, jazz, and which somehow give me the strength when I need it, to work in a particular way.

Call it riding the wave, borrowing a vibe, I don’t really know how it works, and I hardly care, as long as I make progress.

It takes lots of different ideas working together, to make an outcome that satisfies. Who knows what music – or silence – will help to turn ideas into our new reality? Even if most of the emotion that music or silence engenders is faked, false, someone else’s, I’m not worried, because at the very least, that emotional input helps me to make something and take it forward.

For which I’m so grateful.

Thanks for reading.

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