Happiness is….

Happiness has a varying quality, as dependent on the time of day as the seasons of the year and whether we enjoy our work today or would rather be reading a good book or having a snooze.

But, just for a bit of whimsy, here are some things that I think help to make us happy, or at least, happier today.

Peace to listen and be quiet; but not so much peace that we feel lonely.

Time to reflect, to check that we are content with what we are doing in this moment.

The time to relax and do nothing. We live in a culture that sets so little store on rest for the sake of enjoyment; and yet, if we cannot relax and be content, why not?

The confidence to state our case clearly and calmly until we know we have been heard.

The confidence to choose what we want to be, to have or to do, without worrying unduly about what we think others expect from us. Prioritising our own wishes will, at the end of the day, save a great deal of personal grief and silent betrayal. I’m not sure who it was who said, ‘Failure to please oneself is not merely betrayal; it is the highest betrayal.’

The courage to respect our decisions and, having decided, to follow through with them.

Remembering to laugh as much as possible.

The ability to be flexible, without becoming upset. We may be interrupted by the phone, by our domestic duties, by the front door bell ringing. And sometimes, this helps us to switch away from preoccupations which…let us say, might not be the most helpful.

The ability to regroup.

Thanks so much for reading.



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