Falling in love again

What if, when we write about our characters’ journeys, we find ourselves falling in love again?

I have found that, while I’ve been learning to balance the lives and hopes of my characters in a realistic and tender way, I am brought up short to consider how I behave when I’m with the real people I love, who live with me.  Okay, so my characters are telling me to get a life?  Is this some sort of sad confession, an admission that I spend so much time inside the heads of my make believe worlds that I haven’t time to engage with normal folks?

No, actually, quite the opposite.  Looking at my MCs Lisa or her husband Simon carefully, I can see the value of applying that care in my own home.  To put it simply, making my prose as meaningful as I know how, I have to appreciate anew the value of my family, my friends and acquaintances, and all the gifts they bring to my life.  It would be ludicrous to attend to my MCs needs with minute attention, and then behave thoughtlessly or brusquely with the real people I know.

So I guess this means I’m grateful to Lisa, and to Simon for helping me, this year, to keep going, to stay calm and relatively sane – that, I can’t comment on, so much. You’d be better to ask Seline or Eddie…But I have learned to be more patient, to be kinder and to enjoy the love and laughter with a fresh appreciation.  Not just for what my family put up with, but with full awareness that so many others don’t have the blessings I am privileged to share with my family.

Thank you to everyone, this year, for making my time well spent.  For being here to help and comfort, to console and advise.  I could do none of this – whatever this has been or may turn out to be – without you, and I am blessed beyond measure by my friendship with you.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Season. Thanks for reading.



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