Happy New Year 2017


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In the spirit of a new year, new hopes and a fresh beginning, my next series of articles here will stroll through some of the Joys of Writing.  These are numerous, often unexpected and surprising.  And of course, fun.

Whatever 2017 brings, I would love to have lots of fun this year.  2016, while wonderful in so many ways, was extremely hard work and emotionally draining.  New Year 2017 feels like a good time to reflect on some of the positive, enlivening and helpful reasons why we write.

My previous series of articles have all been mostly about the nuts and bolts of writing, the uncertainties and pitfalls of authorship as a career or ambition.  Yes, we hear a lot about the challenges, the difficulties of working alone, the isolation, the economic challenges, the true cost of the business behind the front page of our latest book, but what about the joys of writing?

In the same way, I suspect, as it is easier to criticize a project than to come up with creative solutions, the joys of writing are probably less easy to pin down than the pitfalls, more intangible.  But they are what motivate countless millions of us to spend hours, weeks, months and decades in pursuit of the written word.  Indeed, it must be joy that keeps the book market alive, or I can’t see what would be the point of reading.

What motivates you to write – do write and tell me!

Let us hope that 2017 brings us all opportunities and blessings galore.  When I looked at my social media accounts, after being on holiday, I found over four hundred messages of goodwill waiting for me!  Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, and for your good wishes.  A fantastic, amazing start to the year.


Thank you so much for reading.

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