Deciding what I need to know

Living within my limitations has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest lesson to learn.  Some days, my limitations, which are in fact relatively slight in the scheme of things, feel heavy.  And I learn to see that my belief in limitations is more of a mental pattern than a physical reality – we all have limitations, the Earth has limitations – after all, what is gravity, except a limitation placed on floating? – and these are sometimes necessary.  Without gravity we would not be able to live or breathe, and without more personal challenges, how would we learn anything?

Excuse the clumsy link, but – where creativity and promotion meet, the avenues for promoting and networking are limitless; the space to invest time and energy and resources in them stretches to the horizon; and each devotee of every field will of course say that their field is the most valuable.  Invest with us!  Let us show you the way!

There are different types of expertise, each of which has their advantages and drawbacks.

  • The expertise we gain from professionals who work for a fee;
  • Knowledge we acquire from being with like-minded enthusiasts who are in roughly the same place as we are;
  • The insight we acquire from working within our own strengths and limitations.

Sure, I could sign up for another few websites, all of them charging small annual fees, and all of which contain lots of useful information. Certainly, I can invest in the services of a proof reader, or a publicist, or an social networking maximization service, all of which doubtless do what they say.

But, do I need another twelve passwords?  Can my budget absorb another £150 in fees and subscriptions?  And do I have the time to set up more schemes, while managing the ones I already have? If the answer to these questions is an honest, heartfelt no, then I have probably reached my limit, and future investment in anything other than the most inspired and urgent projects is probably not going to attract the enthusiasm I need to make it worthwhile.

It is always a good idea to try and stay abreast of developments, to keep an eye on the shape of our ambitions and keep them lean, keep them clean, and moving and relevant.  Sometimes, though, more is not always better.  There is truly a limit to our time and resources.

It can save a lot of heartache, soul searching and money, if one day, instead of trying something new, we admit that actually, what we really want to do is write, rest, take it easy, laugh and go for a walk.  None of these requires the investment of that material resource called money, but each, in it’s own way, refreshes and enlightens our writing and motivation in ways that mere money cannot reach.


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