Why I Write

Here are a few reasons why I write.  Each of us has our own particular reasons for spending time at the keyboard or with a pen and paper, but these themes recur.  I’m sure we all recognise them.

– To turn my mistakes into opportunities to laugh.

– To refute the supposition that we all have better things to be getting on with, more sociable and productive things to do.


– to honour my life’s purpose.

– to become absorbed so that I can go off and explore new worlds.

– to have something to show for years of insomnia and broken sleep.

– To prove that following dreams is not only worthwhile but is, in fact, the best way to live life fully and happily.

– To demonstrate the power that is unearthed in learning to work hard for long periods without apparent reward.

– To demonstrate the value of persistence and achievements in small steps (this is a writers’ blog, so I can use a word like ‘increments’).

– To demonstrate the power of success to my daughter and set a good example.  We can teach our children that they too can succeed by working towards something which inspires them.  In fact, learning to persist is its own reward.


– To have something to do.

– To use my time constructively, so that when my critics see me sitting, they will not call me lazy.

– To enjoy that feeling of hard work and to counter loneliness.

– To create something tangible at the end of the day which is never the same twice.

– To feel worthwhile.

– To get lost in writing, because that often feels more productive than getting lost in reading yet another book.

– To turn depression, fatigue, isolation, unhappiness and anger into a channel for something beautiful.

– To keep my brain active.

– To learn associated skills such as editing, organisation, culling and discarding, multi-tasking, advocacy and confidence.

– To feel connected to other writers and the wider community.  We reach out to others, explore and learn together.

– To reconcile and grow.

– To counter the notion of shortages.  The more I write, the more there is to write about.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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