Chasing Rainbows

For almost ten years, now, I have been chasing rainbows.  Working away and hoping, praying, waiting and being resolutely determined.  And it has worked.  I have written three, almost four books and a radio play.  I have plans for a stage play and more books – many more books, no shortage of ideas, characters demanding a hearing, plots, sub-plots…

The work takes on its own momentum.  It is a relief now, to be in a situation where the work more or less leads me, and I am merely the channel for its expression.

The Three Forth Bridges
The Three Forth Bridges

A long decade kaleidoscopes in the last few months so that I ask myself constantly, what matters in life, and hope to honour that.  Love, family, showing care, patience and persistence.  And humour, laughter, remembering to take joy in every moment.

Faced with pain and family loss I ask, Does it matter if I work?  Would it not be better to wait it out, wait for the pain to mute, so that I may hope one day to feel lighter?  And then, my brother’s thoughts nudge me smilingly, urging me to write, to keep on, albeit from a different perspective and with different priorities: these days, I write to challenge myself, to listen when my characters want to be heard, and do my best to record them honestly.

It is a beautiful season, mottled with uncertainty everywhere.  Hot one minute, freezing the next, filled with colour, with grey and and bright blue skies.  Stillness and music.  Above the rocks, there is colour in the clouds.  Listen, and see rainbows everywhere in the rain.



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