Advantages to working from home

Harold Harvey, ‘The Letter’ 1937

Yes, there are advantages to working from home. I can work at six in the morning and eleven at night – though not in the same 24 hours. I can hang up wet washing and bring it in if it rains, as it has been doing all summer. TIP: during a long, wet Summer, we need only one clear hour to flap off the worst of the moisture from our clothes.

Working from home, we can also be available for Monday bank holidays when the schools are shut, without having to take a cut in pay, or ask the boss for yet another flexi day. We can make appointments with opticians, dentists and the like, and take delivery of parcels, packets, kitchen cabinets, beds and chairs from Ikea at strange hours. Instead of regretting the 7am – 7pm delivery window, now I just see that as an excuse to write non-stop all day at home. YAY!

We can start and stop when we like, and can do all sorts of things in between, to liven up the day. We can eat when we are hungry, rest when we are tired and take exercise… If I’m sounding a bit biblical, it’s because that’s how it sometimes feels. We can take holidays when we want, and decide to do nothing. Actually, doing nothing is one of the best ways to discover what to do next, and to clarify that we are still on track with our plans.

Would I go back to an office job? I could, probably, if I didn’t have so much to do here. But I’ve always relished my independence, so I prefer working this way.

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