Renewing my ITIN

A lot has changed since I first applied for an ITIN in 2013. If you are in a hurry and have applied previously for an ITIN, this is the current position:

~There is a new consul here at the Consulate in Edinburgh, so I do not recommend relying on an existing certified copy, even if you will be submitting the same ten-year passport as previously to obtain a notarised copy.

~The consulate charges $50 for each notarised copies, ($100 for two…)

~Walk-in appointments are available at the Edinburgh Consulate on Tuesdays from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and on Wednesdays from 9.00 to 3.30 pm The American Embassy in London no longer handles ITIN applications or routes them to Austin, Texas.

~There is no toll-free phone line to the US to check on the status of an application. There is still a dedicated phone-line, but it is charged at the full rate.

While chatting with the clerk who handled my application, the advice was basically to fill in the IRS W7 form – it has been updated recently, as has the guidance, so please be careful which boxes you tick –  and send it to Austin, Texas, with the original certified copy of one’s passport and business paperwork (after having taken several good copies) and hope for the best.

If anyone would like a more detailed look at the process, you can check out this page. It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that a close look at the guidance notes – and remembering to swap round your dates – month, day, year – is very instructive.

I’ll let you know how the process goes. Fingers crossed.

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