Personal Update

So much has been happening – and not a lot of it to do with work – that I feel now is a good time to remind myself of what my priorities are.

I’ve had my PIP assessment at home, which went well. Whatever happens next, I feel that I was listened to and heard, and that the assessor was fair and kind. More than that, none of us can expect. And, as it turns out, she was quite able to accept that problems can be difficult to understand, let alone talk about. It’s not as if I’m the first person who has ever been assessed, and I won’t be the last. At some time or other, anyone in receipt of state-sponsored assistance has to be assessed, so I took the opportunity to explain, later marvelling that I have so rarely had that opportunity: from the procedures that were sanctioned on me and over my head when I was young, to the orthopaedic consultant who suggested I try wearing high heeled shoes, it has felt as if I have been “done unto” for ever. Nice to be heard, for a change. I await the decision.

I spent eighteen hours last week, sorting out my passwords, internet accounts and Paypal, as I was hacked by a single spam link which I clicked on… I should have known better, but I’ve been lucky, with no major hassles or dramas, except the idea, at one point, that my internet business account had been deleted. It hadn’t, it was merely locked, but it gave me a few restless hours. Please be vigilant with passwords, logging in and out of accounts, and with keeping stuff up to date. And please, if in doubt, delete spam emails and report them.

I fell again last week, narrowly averting a mangle that could have been noisy, difficult and messy, and accomplished with surprising elegance and luck when I landed and sat back hard on my left wrist. But it was a stupid fall nevertheless, which hurts and is sending out aches and pains all over my left side, my shoulder and neck. Impact falls of this type start with a small site that, as it heals, radiates pain. And of course, a good swim would help, but I’m cagey, having so recently fallen…

I’m still writing, currently hoping to finish a working draft of Pip by October. If my characters keep talking to me, I hope that will work out.

Thanks for listening. 

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