Nearly Almost Somebody’ – Caroline Batten

I read the first book in this series, ‘Forfeit’, about the adventures of Daisy and Zander, loving it entirely, so much so, that several years later, ‘Forfeit’ is still on the main page of my kindle. Why did it take me so long to get a copy of ‘Nearly Almost Somebody‘? Perhaps I was rationing myself.

Whatever I think of the characters in this series – all beautiful, interesting and apparently irresistible to the opposite sex…I’m so, like, totally jealous – the writing, detailed plotting and characterisations show¬† a level of ability that I can only aspire to.

Such talent as Caroline Batten possesses, to write entertainingly, excitingly and with real verve and colour, is somehow unusual. Ms Batten writes a thriller which is genuinely scary, a love story that carries real poignancy, and a human interest story that makes me feel as if the characters live just in the next village and I might see them, and allow some of their glow to rub off on me.

I really, really want to read more from the pen of Ms Batten, and I do hope that she is writing lots more books. If she does not already have a fab agent and a brilliant publisher who can take her to the stratosphere of fame and fortune – which she may not want, but which she richly deserves – I suggest that she should be next on any commissioning editor’s wish list. She has a huge platform, major success on watpad and would be a sound investment and a huge talent for any publisher to support.

Very highly recommended.

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