As the season turns and I find myself looking forward to a warm Summer, I am also embarking on a new career as an indie publisher, contemplating all the joys of self publishing.

My second book, Happiness Matters is ready to go and all the pieces of the jigsaw are slowly coming together. I have spent the last few weeks learning about formatting – for kindle, Epub files – and setting up accounts on IngramSpark, CreateSpace and KDP. (For the moment, HTML eludes me, but if someone tells me it is a synch and this is how it works, I would be more than happy to give it a bash.)

So I thought now would be a good time to start a new series of articles about self-publishing. It is anΒ  interesting enterprise, filled with tax implications, royalty puzzles, discounts and resellers, but – the learning has lots of advantages, not the least of which is that I can now ask semi-intelligent questions about subjects which until only months ago, were a total mystery to me. It is lovely to feel, at last, that I can contribute meaningfully to the indie publishing debate. And, I know roughly what questions to ask.

It becomes apparent that I cannot leave all this stuff I have to know, to other people. Yes, there are services available to those of us who simply can’t get our heads round any more information, but similarly, there are books available that are a joy to read, easily demystifying the jargon into something easy enough to understand, with a bit of practical application and repetition. Knowing what de-formatting and formatting involve, I can now, at least, decide whether I am confident enough to do that, or whether I would, after all, prefer to pass it to a professional. Knowing what it involves, I feel very confident to delegate.

If anyone would like to read an ARC of Happiness Matters please do contact me. I can let you have a recent version in mobi or as a word document.

Thanks for reading.

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