As Christmas Comes         

 As Christmas comes and a time of new beginnings draws near, what useful lessons have l learned that I might take with me into 2019?

  • I am capable of far more than I ever thought possible. Though at times my life resembles that of a juggler and fancy-footwork merchant, if I just work steadily towards a stated aim, I’ll get there.
  • Doing a little of my own work every day, no matter how busy I might otherwise be, feels better than doing nothing at all.
  • Since we are worthy of consideration and respect, my opinions matter less than I think they do.
  • Receiving is as blessed as giving. Despite the emphasis, perhaps especially at this time of year, on giving gifts, it is vital that I show my appreciation to others for what they give me, and allow them the joy of recognising the ways in which they make me happy.
  • Heart-centred living is more restful and productive than head or mind-centred living. There is much talk of mindfulness, which means, quietening our ‘mind chatter’ to find peace. Another way to look at peace, is to notice that if we consider all our actions through the prism of the heart, instead of the mind, the mind is naturally quietened by the loving alternatives, which reveal themselves without much fuss or noise.
  • I can easily do one thing a day – give money to charity, pick up litter, take the bus instead of driving – to help the planet and feel that I am making a difference.
  • It’s easier to live peacefully when I do what I choose first, then attend to the needs of others.

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