All I wanted for Christmas

Having had an ambivalent relationship with the Festive Period for many years – I’ve only recently learned how to truly enjoy the cooking, the jollifications and the present giving – I have often said that all I wanted for Christmas is to be happy. And we have had a truly wonderful Christmas and New Year. As, I hope, did you.

While tidying, mindful of wrappings and boxes to recycle, I reflected on the presents we received: many books, blankets and things to eat: confectionery, biscuits, seasonal jams, oatcakes… Not a techno gadget in sight, and no new clothes either. Instead, perhaps mindful of the climate crisis, rising fuel prices and much murmuring about supply chain problems, we now have enough blankets and scarves to keep warm should the heating go off, enough books to read until next year, and comfort food galore.

Is what we have received as a family an indication of a more general shifting of priorities across society? I do hope so.

While I would not go quite as far as to suggest that presents should only be for children, I do occasionally find the sheer avalanche of goods on offer a little daunting. So I’m heartened to notice a real up-turn in the fortunes of ‘pre-loved’ clothing sellers and the like; and relieved to notice that – finally! – more plastic packaging than ever – plastic-festooned boxes of chocolate, anyone? – are now being presented in recyclable packaging, but perhaps it’s simply that books, blankets and biscuits will always be welcome here.

I find such a clutch of items immensely reassuring and kindly – indeed, I need never worry, this year at least, that I will run out of books to read, and I can save a small fortune on delicious treats and chocolates. Now, all I need to find is an eco-friendly thank you card to send. There are quite a few to choose from…

Thanks for reading.

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