You are cordially invited to the official launch of my new book Happiness Matters


To coincide with the extended release date, next Monday 19th June, you are cordially invited to a book launch for Happiness Matters. We are having an evening get-together at Thistle Foundation’s Edinburgh offices from 6 – 8pm. There will be drinks and snacks, conversation and books! You are all most welcome to come along.

Writing a book about happiness is not everyone’s flute of bubbly, nor even their cup of tea. What, after all, can another book contribute to the extensive self-help literature that already exists around this and a plethora of related subjects, all inviting us to get a better, more meaningful, a happier life?

I have had the experience of being depressed for the best part of twenty years – which is a big chunk of time I wish I could have lived through more joyfully. But more importantly, I no longer get chronically depressed. Sad, sometimes, anxious occasionally, but not depressed as I used to, for days and weeks at a time.

Despite having faced more challenges than I wanted to – and we all have challenges to deal with  – I have found a way out of depression that does not involve long and complex analysis.  Happiness Matters has taken ten years to reach publication; in this time I have had lots of time to test out different theories, to see what works and what don’t. I don’t have any magic formula; but perhaps I can reassure anyone who is unhappy, that there are things we can do to help ourselves feel more powerful, in control and pleased with life.

So if you would like to know more – or if you are sceptical and would like to challenge me on what I write about – you are welcome to join us for an evening’s contemplation of the lighter side of life.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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