Writing Book Six

My sixth book, which happens to be the third in my Lisa Somerville trio of novels about a lawyer and her clients – of which I have had the first chapter written for a couple of years, now – is becoming, as I think about it, less of a future prospect and more of a current reality. I will be writing it soon.

The thought of changing gear and starting on my third book of fiction brings mixed feelings: excitement, the thrill of what I might discover, together with the realisation that increasingly, my books are tangible reality. With my sixth book underway, I can increasingly see the end, as well as the beginning of my bookish endeavours: two books published and a third (Making Miracles) expected in June 2018, as well as two books in the Lisa Somerville series nearing completion. Who knows how much more I will write?

So far as I can tell at the moment, Lisa Somerville is complete and as clean as I can make it, though the prospect of massive re-writes is always a possibility; The Seduction of Susan Scott has about sixty thousand words under its belt, and is shaping up; and so, I have little excuse to prevaricate with book three.

Pip is the story of a wife with an abusive husband, who decides one afternoon to leave home so that she can protect her infant son. She is not really thinking about herself, but has decided that her son deserves better. Initially I had thought that she would disappear into the sunset with just her handbag and her coat on, clutching little Pip by the hand; but something urges me to turn Fiona homeward, at least in the first instance. As a wife, she feels that she should really give her husband another chance; in any case, she is unprepared for her exodus, needs to pack a suitcase and make plans. But her decision to give her husband another benefit of the doubt has tragic consequences.

Many works of fiction feature one partner in a relationship escaping, fleeing, starting again. Escape and rebirth is one of our urban fantasies writ large… What if I could get away from all this…? But Fiona returns to the house and finds her husband back home early; and in what happens next is the tragedy of so many people who try too hard to be true to others, and forget to be true to themselves.

Thanks so much for reading.

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