Where would I be without my friends?

When I sit to think about how my life has changed in the last ten years, I am almost overcome with gratitude.  My friends…are everywhere.  I go to Meeting, I go to church, I go out for a walk, and always, someone will stop and say hello, and nice to see you.  It is a pleasure to stroll, admiring the flowers, watching the little kids and their parents; and doing such things as this, the joys of friendship are like a gift.

I used to be so embarrassed by the way I walk, that I would sit for hours, for days, in a chair, or about a room, I would wonder what other people were doing, but not be doing much of that myself.  I missed chances, I missed the opportunity to feel part of something.

But now, when I am sitting, it’s usually because I’m doing something fun, or on the web, replying to emails, sending encouragement, feeling part of a bigger story worldwide.  I have friends everywhere, and can even phone them using the Facebook phone.  (Thanks for that tip, Gaston, I’m glad I was wearing headphones when you rang.)  To think I can phone my friends on FB, and I can speak to someone in Australia or America in seconds.  Amazing.

Last night we had our book launch at the Thistle Foundation and it was a great success.  I wasn’t counting, but we probably had about fifty people who came, some we know through our church links, and some from Thistle and from our neighbourhoods.  Thank you so much (!!) to everyone who came and made it such a lovely, happy event.  I am more grateful and pleased than I can express.  And thanks again to Thistle Foundation for their generous hospitality and organisation.  It’s so lovely to be the beneficiary of such kindnesses from all over Edinburgh and beyond.


Many thanks for reading.

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