What I have learned

It’s interesting, in the midst of life’s tribulations, what I have learned, and how lessons suddenly distil to small realities: when I fall over my walking stick – FGS! – which I am deploying because my sore back is recovering after I blew my nose – FGS! – I have a choice. In the midst of confusion, boredom and tiredness, I can either (a) give in to a sense of hopelessness, bemoan my fate and wish myself elsewhere; or (b) I can laugh at the absurdity of everything. It often boils down to a simple choice: I can laugh, so I do.

What use do we make of the things that happen to us? We can worry about what has been, and what will be; we can fret about wasted chances, mistakes, boredom and the horrible repetition of small tasks that drives us up the wall; we can recognise that everything that happens is a gift that we are squandering and feel bad about that and filled with regret; OR we can decide that life is always a gift, and that nothing that happens needs be a squander or a waste, because there are lessons to be learned in everything: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Believe me, when I am getting myself up from my umpteenth fall in the last few weeks – a sign, typically, that all is not well – it helps to remember that we are unerringly free. An instant cure for despair, you might think, or the ramblings of a deluded fool, perhaps.

I don’t care how solace comes to me, so long as it works its magic and allows me to keep going for another day. So I drop all the regrets, the worry and the hopelessness that threatens to swamp me, and I simply relax, knowing that all is well and that every smile makes a difference to what happens next.


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