What a relief

Hurray, I have finished the first book in the Lisa Somerville series.  What a relief!

Now I am re-reading what I have written of Book 2, which I tentatively title The Seduction of Susan Scott, underway at about twenty thousand words.  If possible, I would like to have a full, working draft of Susan Scott complete in time for the London Book Fair in March 2017.

Meantime, I’m just so pleased that the first twenty thousand words I have already written seem have stood the test of six months in a metaphorical desk drawer.  Originally, I wrote the first chapters, and then had a change of plan to write Lisa Somerville and heartlessly left Susan Scott to stew.  Thankfully, reading over the material, there appears to be very little I would change, which is heartening.  Which means my plans are hopefully on track, and I may get done what I hope to in the next three months, without too many more derailments and just a bit of luck.

Incidentally, I do believe in luck, if only because luck has that surprising, intangible quality that cheers us up and says, ‘anything is possible, so please keep the faith.’  It may be true that we make our own luck, but believing in the hope of it, makes life easier.

I am really enjoying writing fiction.  The stories of the people I write about are based around my experiences as a lawyer.  All the characters are invented, but the scenarios are all part and parcel of what we might find in a legal office.  The joy of fiction is that I can follow through with a few more twists and turns, and add drama and details as they come to me – I am a firm adherent of the school of writers who plot only loosely, and who wait for the characters to reveal themselves and to guide my thoughts, put words at the end of my fingers.  Being a mere scribe, I have to go where I am bid, which all makes for excitement and, I hope, a more interesting, plausible story.

Thanks so much for reading.

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