Waiting to see

In the midst of setting up the paperback of Happiness Matters for publication, I find myself quite literally waiting to see what it looks like. I have ordered a first proof from CreateSpace, and another proof copy from IngramSpark and I will be delighted, as well as intrigued, when they arrive. How will they compare? Which copy will have the edge? I’ll let you know.

It isn’t just publication that is now waiting for the next stages. Lots of other things in my life seem to be hanging at that ‘soon but not quite yet’ moment before stuff happens. (Our kitchen badly needs a revamp: I am happy to live without a working dishwasher – I had no idea how expensive they were to run– but with the best will in the world, am finding it a challenge to live without a dishwasher, a freezer and an oven, and with a fridge on its last legs.  Hopefully I can get some ideas about that in the next few days.)

Because of the number of things I have on my mind, my writing and editing – of which I am so fond – are taking a reluctant back seat. Yes, I could write a few paragraphs here and there, I could slot in some writing around and about everything else that is going on, but would what I write be any good? Would I find myself going over it again? Probably.

I have found, to my cost, that there is absolutely no point forcing myself to meet daily targets, deadlines, as what I produce suffers and has to be re-written, painfully, at a more considered pace. So, I comfort myself that all my hopes and plans will come together at the best time, and are still on the right track.

In any case, life is to be lived in the meantime, and I aim to stay happy. If that means taking it slow and careful, then that is what I shall do.

Thanks for reading.

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