Visit to Thistle Foundation Edinburgh

I wish to extend a very special Thank You to Diana Noel-Paton, Chief Executive of Thistle Foundation who invited me along to Thistle’s Edinburgh headquarters on Wednesday 1st March for a tour of the new premises.

Bright, airy and welcoming, Thistle’s new headquarters at 13 Queen’s Walk, Edinburgh have been recently rebuilt, and extend a warm invitation to service users and anyone who, with a long-term health condition, would benefit from the health and wellbeing services that Thistle offer. As they say on their Facebook Page

‘We are a health and wellbeing organisation that supports people with long term conditions to manage life better. We work with the person, not the condition, to improve their health and wellbeing.’

There are so many activities on offer, all of which we can get involved in, if we choose. For example, there is a gym we can join and there are meeting rooms where different activities are organised. When I visited, I was introduced to a writers’ group that has recently started up; and I shall be going along to their meetings when I can, as well as trying out the gym to get some much needed exercise.

In so many ways the holistic, open and accepting atmosphere feels like what I’ve been looking for all my life. If I hobble, fall, or get lost, no-one is going to look askance or worry, and I will not feel out of place here, I just know it. The staff work with person centred planning, and finds solutions based on what people would like to do and to achieve, rather than making assumptions about what life-long conditions apparently entail. Wow. I’m so pleased to have discovered Thistle, which adds a new flavour to my life.

Thanks, Diana! And thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome.

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