Time marches on. March already, with billowing daffodils, crocuses in the parks and byways, and fresh breezes filled with soft scents of spring.

I am reminded by the circuit of the seasons that my mother has now been living in Edinburgh for almost a year. In that time I have been so fortunate to have her company and her help with many things: thoughtful advice, reminders of what matters in life, the gift of her lifetime’s knowledge of me – how often she understands without my having to explain.

My sisters, too, have been incredibly helpful and supportive with the daily ups and downs; popping in for the weekend, or turning up to lend a hand on the occasional day. It’s like sunshine, having the true love and support of my family around me.

Though I am busy – goodness knows, I’ve never been busier – I say this every year, and every year it is true – I do more easily understand that I should find ways to enjoy everything I do in life, or else, why on earth am I doing it? If I’m finding laundry the bane of my life, what am I not doing with it that could make life more fun? Farming out the heavy stuff? Taking the chance of laundry day to throw out or pass on what I don’t need or like? Enjoying folding clothes and storing them with love?

I’m evolving a theory – which is still only a theory – that people move into bigger houses so that they can find room for their stuff. Interesting idea, that we take on bigger mortgages and more locks and keys, for things that we so often don’t even use.

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