Time and Tide wait for no one

I am so busy these days that occasionally, I can’t think straight, move or plan ahead.

So it comes as a pleasant surprise to gradually realise, that being immensely busy is a great spur to my writing. No more excuses, I think, I must prioritise this work of mine, or I shall find endless excuses not to keep up with it. Time and tide wait for no one, man, woman or beast.

And with that realisation comes a fresh determination, a refusal to be beaten that harks back to the earliest days of my youth, recalling that stubborn intransigence which so often counted against me, but which, now, I am grateful for occasionally, to keep me to my business plans and to remember to respect them. My time is really my greatest asset, and I know I shall be unhappy if I let my ideas get away from me, or go back to compromising all the time.

And in the end, compromising fails, because we are not being true to ourselves. As hubby has always said – and in such a way as as I now can totally understand – compromising pleases no-one. A refusal to be beaten is a great motivator, a great spur to strip away everything that does not matter as much as I used to think it did, or to delegate anything that other people can do just as well.

Is it easier, in the end, to allow oneself to be overwhelmed and simply let go of our dreams? Or does it save a lot of heart-ache and regret, to forge ahead with our own plans, and leave aside worrying about the other busyness of life for another time, another place, another person?

The obligations we hold ourselves to, are constantly updating anyway, like computer programmes and all works in progress. Which is a wonderful way of accepting that we too, can set ourselves free any time we wish, to live authentically, free of the fear that by doing what we most choose to do, we are letting other people down. Those who love us will cope, and those who don’t – do they matter so much?

Thanks for reading.

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