‘The Dare Club’ – Margaret K Johnson

I first read this book a couple of years ago; so on opening the file again on my kindle, I was relieved to discover that the writing has lost none of its charm, and that the characters and situations are convincing, endearing and well drawn.


It becomes ever more challenging to me, to find writers that I can not only empathise with – being an author, I do empathise with a great many authors – but whose work has the ability to take my away from my everyday concerns. Call me an escapist fool, but there are times in my life when I need the suspension of my reality, and sometimes more than ever. Yet, in the past decade, I have morphed from a straight-forward reader to an author with ten years editing experience, so it becomes increasingly challenging to find a book I can read wholeheartedly, without feeling the dire necessity of assuming my ‘editor’ hat and itching to rewrite or rephrase…

Thankfully, ‘The Dare Club’ is such a book, and as I read it I heaved a sigh of relief for Margaret’s sympathetic writing, her careful editing and her attention to detail. I can recommend this book to all readers wanting a bit of fun, a bit of vicarious adventure and a few ‘There but for the grace of God’ moments too. It takes a rare book to both entertain and humour me, as well as reminding me of all the privileges I enjoy in my life.

Thank you, Margaret.

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