Looking back over everything, I am in good heart.

I have spent five years mostly sitting here, reading, writing, editing, chatting, commenting, and being around the internet communities where I continue to meet amazing people and make friends.

In my more retiring moments, I sometimes wish that I had done other things, like walking into the hills, where the breeze would rouse me and the views from the Pentland Hills down to the coast would invite me to remember the long view.  Or watching the spring flowers unfolding in March.  Often, I have missed entire seasons, so wrapped up have I been, in the cocoon of communications that is part of my work.

Aware that time is fleeting, I sometimes wish I could have spent more time playing with Seline, teaching her the card games of my youth – must see if I can remember how to play double patience – great fun – and generally laughing so hard, I feel my spirit floating out of my body.

Then, I consider my accounts: my Facebook pages, my twitter and Amazon accounts, this blog and Goodreads account. I remember their genesis in the world of Authonomy, and I think….wow, I set that all up.  Little phobic me, the girl who first turned on a computer monitor when she was thirty, set this all up and, with the help of so many friends and supporters, has kept it going, one way or another.  Through everything, this small network has linked me to sources of information and advice, consolation and inspiration in so many ways that I can hardly articulate.

But there we are. Life creeps up on one, sometimes. And our achievements are not always obvious until later, when we take a moment to look back.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of my on-line life, all this time. I value you, and your presence, more than I can say. I count it a great privilege to know you.



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