SNP Members’ Conference, Glasgow

Rose - New Day

When we woke early on Saturday morning and found two inches of snow blanketing our cars, I was very tempted to close the curtains and go back to bed. But daughter was excited about throwing snowballs – and it was exactly the right kind of packing snow – and hubby and I had a trip to Glasgow to undertake.

Thankfully the snow plows had been busy, and we made it to Glasgow only slightly later than planned – I felt a bit like James Bond, being parachuted into the lobby of the hotel, just in time to co-present an ice-breaker session with Michael McEwan. I needn’t have worried, as Conference got off to a relaxed start which helped us all to feel very much at home and among friends.

Michael enjoys improvising, whereas I am a more literal girl. I prefer to have some kind of script for workshops, which I learn and can then depart from as need be. I really enjoyed Michael’s humour and we make a great team. My husband – bless him – cheered for us both.

Thank you to the organisers, speakers and the other delegates for a wonderful day. It has been my pleasure these last few weeks to work with Jamie Szymkowiak and Michael McEwan to plan our session. Thanks to everyone involved, and to our brilliant speakers, for a fantastic day, and the opportunity to meet so many like-minded folk and discuss the issues that affect us all.

This morning I woke to a wonderful surprise, a letter by yours truly published in ‘The Herald’


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