Reasons to exercise

Speaking as a total amateur who used to be averse to most exercise – because it felt too much like compulsion – here are ten great reasons to exercise. Walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, ski-ing, fencing, basketball. Any would do.

Why ten? I guess if I can think of ten great reasons, then I have no excuses at all for being lazy.

~ The idea of going swimming helps me to get up early in the morning and spend happy time with my husband and daughter at the breakfast table. Result!

~ If I swim most days, I don’t have to spend too long at the pool, and can be home within the hour.

~ I feel great after a swim.

~ If the rest of the day is busy, having had a swim keeps me calm.

~ If the rest of the day is rubbish, I can always feel a sense of achievement, because I’ve managed to exercise.

~ Planning to swim every day makes me very organised, so I spend evenings tidying up the house instead of slouched uncomfortably in front of the tv. Which gives me a quicker start the next day.

~ I meet wonderful people at the pool, and am reminded, again, that we are all different, with varying preferences.

~ My brain speeds up, as does my typing, because I am relaxed and more focussed after a swim. I waste less time in other tasks, too.

~ My mood improves if I swim every day, as does my diet. (That’s really two reasons, but I wanted to include both and stay within the ten.)

~ I learn to prioritise more cleanly, and to do what I choose for more of the time, so that when I ‘have to’ cook tea or wash clothes, I spend less time worrying about it. (AKA ‘Just bloody do it!’)

That’s a great ten, almost eleven reasons to exercise, and no-where have I had to say, “It’s good for me”, the kind of reason that is, at least in this household, a bit of a guilt-trip turn off.

Thanks for reading!

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