Ready to begin writing

So, if we are ready to begin writing. Whether memoir or fiction, sweet stuff or friction, we will need:-

~Computer at the ready.

~Phones off the hook or switched off.

If we work from home, the first thing to realise is that not only are our own personal temptations to stop writing legion, but everyone else we come into contact with on a daily basis will assume, because we answer the phone or the doorbell, that we are available. To them, a body at home = a free hand to help with a dozen interruptions.

~Time blocked out in the diary in which to prioritise this writing undertaking. How will we parcel out our time?

Helpfully, our work habits evolve naturally, and will vary depending on our other commitments and the time we have available to be alone.

There have been times when I can confidently block out whole days in my diary to work. Problem then, is, I tend to be so tired I drift, fritter away the opportunity or fall asleep. Though if there is a deadline looming, I am very happy to work all day.

Nowadays, I rather like the patchwork approach. I do a lot of things in a day – go swimming, help with deliveries, tidy our apartment, do the recycling – but I keep my eye on the main focus, which is writing, and fit that in around what I am doing. Then, even if it is only half an hour here and there, I will refuse to answer the phone and simply work doggedly.

This has the advantage that I can stay reasonably fit as I work alongside the other parts of my life โ€“ a vital consideration in an occupation that consists in sitting aroundโ€“ and motivated by the natural variety of each day.

Happy writing!

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